Oops! – ‘The Project’ producers forget that Muslims love Jesus too

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SYDNEY, NSW – The producers of current affairs show ‘The Project’ are panicking after insulting Jesus and then being informed that Muslims actually love Jesus as well.

The revelation follows on from yesterday’s story where The Project aired a crude sex joke surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus.

The producers originally thought they were in the clear after the hosts apologised with straight faces on air (after laughing hysterically at the original joke).

However, after assuming that all would be forgiven by their Christian audiences, it appears that they had neglected to consider Muslim blowback.

Mass protests are planned at the Channel 10 studios and Hyde Park over the weekend.

“Oh no, oh no, no no no, please no” Project producer Chris Bendall told the Dropbear while steadily turning white.

“I mean, the Christians we can handle, but those Muslim guys take this stuff freakin’ seriously.”

“We completely forgot that Jesus is still considered a Prophet and the Messiah in Islam – theology isn’t really our strong point here at the Project.”

“Maybe if I draw them all a nice apology card with a picture of Muhammad on it?”

“Oh God, oh Jesus, oh Muhammad – one of you please get us out of this mess.”

It is further reported that Christians are running out of popcorn.

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