Victoria bans references to ‘Mother of Christ’ in new gender neutral parenting code

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MELBOURNE, VICTORIA – The Victorian Minister for Equality, Mark Foley, has announced new parent language restrictions which include a ban of the phrase “Mother of Christ’ in Christmas celebrations.

The move comes as Victoria races to keep up with other progressive countries such as Sweden, who are seeking to remove the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ from all legislation as a potential cure for their disastrous COVID-19 outbreak.

When asked why the Minister was focusing on the Christian saint of Mary, Foley explained that it was the principle that mattered.

“Mary is clearly a treasured icon, and could be described as the most famous mother in the world.”

“That means she is also the greatest symbol of gender oppression and discrimination against non-binary pregnant persons.”

“Nowhere in the Bible does it say Mary self-identified as a woman. Mary did not know, and therefore we should not presume we do either.” 

It is further reported that a new Government outfit called the ‘Special Equality Forces’ will be conducting a thorough review into other discriminatory terms in the Bible.

Local Presbyterian Minister, Pastor Campbell Murray, expressed deep concern at the new legislation.

“At this point I’m simply curious as to how far Victoria can go before their reason collapses in on itself.”

“Next thing you know they’ll be banning references to the ‘Son of God’!” 

Minister Foley has thanked Reverend Murray for his input, but indicated that the maleness of the Lord in the Bible will not be questioned as God clearly self-identified as a He.

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