‘The Project’ conduct experiment into how far Christian forgiveness actually extends

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SYDNEY, NSW – The TV current affairs show, The Project, has admitted to conducting a social experiment surrounding how offensive they can be towards Christians and still be forgiven.

The confession comes after they aired a prime-time session with gay ‘comedian’ Reuben Kaye, who went on to make sex jokes surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus – with the panelists laughing hysterically.

Project host, Waleed Aly, outlined the motivation behind the jokes.

“We have been fascinated over the years with how much rubbish we can say about Christian beliefs and still get away with it,” Mr Aly explained.  

“So this time we thought we would really go for it – say the worse thing we could possibly say about their Messiah right in the middle of dinnertime”

“It was hilarious. The next night we said sorry of course, though it was hard not to laugh while doing it.”

“The crazy part is they forgave us again! They’ve gotta crack eventually.”

Anglican Minister, David Oldman, spoke to Damascus Dropbear about the situation.

“I have actually been commissioned by the bishop to carefully monitor The Project,” Rev Oldman said.

“Jesus said we should forgive up to seventy-seven times, this little blaspheme has just got them up to sixty.”

“I assure you that we are storing up our fire and brimstone for when they finally hit that magic number.”

It is further report that next week The Project will be pushing even further by running an explicit segment on Mary the Mother of God, followed by the benefits of using a Bible as a fire-starter.

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