Victorian Government up in arms about ‘Squid Game’ cultural appropriation

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MELBOURNE, VIC – The Victorian Government is considering suing the makers of the widely popular Korean TV series, Squid Game, after claiming they stole the concept from Victoria.

Squid Game, a psychological hyperviolent thriller that put desperate players through games that result in their death, has been trending #1 in Australia of Netflix.

The Victorian Government however, have claimed that they have been playing these games for over a year and a half.

“Well, to be frank, we are disappointed that the makers of Squid Game thought it was appropriate to mimic our State’s cultural situation.” Premier Daniel Andrews explained.

“We’ve clearly been running a Victorian Squid Game for a long time, playing these kinds of brutal games with our citizens long before the Squid Game TV series came out!”

“The sharp observer will have already seen a number of our successful events, such as the protests clash, earthquake shake-up, and the long-running virus game.”

“My favourite of course is ‘Follow the Leader’ – I’ve laughed so hard seeing all they were willing to put up with from me!”

“In addition, the fact we’ve already had them locked up for 275 days means it is only a matter of time before they turn on each other.”

There have been some suggestions as well that the Government are also considering using a version  as a replacement for State elections.

Politicians would all compete to the death in child-like games until only one remained.

Damascus Dropbear is yet to hear any objections to the idea.

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