Paralympic footballer who ‘identifies as blind’ scores record 37 goals

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TOKYO, JAPAN – A brave trans-disability footballer  has managed to score a world record breaking 37 goals in his first Paralympic appearance.

Roger Hubbard, from the United States team, identifies as blind and achieved the remarkable feat against the highly-ranked German team on Thursday.

“I haven’t always identified as blind, it has been a bit of a journey for me.”

“I actually think I have probably always been a blind person trapped with two seeing eyes.”

“So I officially came out as blind, and all my friends and family were really supportive.”

“I think the song captures it best – I once was found, but now am lost. Could see but now am blind.”

Commentators watching the USA v German match described how Hubbard, despite his blindness, seemed to have an innate sense of where the ball and players and goal were at all times.

Hubbard gave a post-match interview after the 37 – 0 drubbing, and was asked how he got into blind football in the first place.

“Well, my transition to identifying as blind came around the same time that I failed to achieve my dream as a professional footballer.”

“So understandably I joined up with the local blind football team not long after that, and it really just felt like a good fit you know?”

“So far in the local season I’ve scored 562 goals, and so obviously they wanted me to represent the Olympic team.”

“They’ve even given me a cool nickname, Dodgy Rodge, which I guess is a reference to the way I dodge around players so well despite my disability.”

It is further reported that Hubbard is also considering identifying with a number of other disabilities, including feeling like he has no legs which would allow him to participate in wheelchair basketball while standing up.

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