Meet Groomer: Sesame Street’s new sexual experimentation puppet

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SESAME WORKSHOP, NEW YORK – Educational kids TV program, Sesame Street, has announced the introduction of a new character designed to help preschool kids explore their sexuality.

Groomer, the gender-fluid and sexually-expressive puppet, is part of Sesame Street’s ongoing commitment to incorporate more ‘sexual inclusion and acceptance‘ into its programming.

CEO of Sesame workshop, Steve Youngwood, said that he was excited to be able to bring a whole new range of interesting segments to kids across the globe.

“Groomer is really designed to address the serious lack of education among preschoolers of the wide-range of sexual proclivities we have in our society.” 

“Groomer will be able to introduce the kids to all sorts of fetishes involving simple household items such as balloons, stuffed toys, and even mum’s high heels.”

“There is even one episode  where Groomer takes his pet ‘furry’ – that is a man in a latex dog costume on a leash – out to the park to play fetch. It’s really quite heart-warming.”  

Some however, such as grassroots lobby group Collective Shout, have taken issue with the new character and the dangers it poses to young children.

When asked by ABC reporters what the issue was, spokesperson Melinda Tankard-Reist expressed surprise at the question.

“Are you freakin’ serious, you really don’t see any issue at all regarding how ridiculous this is?”

”We need to protect kid’s innocence, teaching them they are loved and precious in God’s sight – not dump them in the middle of adult sexual obsessions and agendas.”

“My advice – get your kids watching reruns of Mr. Bean or Veggie Tales until Sesame Street comes to their senses.”

It is further reported that Groomer is also going to be making occasional public appearances, mostly around playground park benches with bags of sweets.

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