Malcolm Turnbull reveals he’s been anointed with prophetic gift of hindsight

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CANBERRA, ACT – Former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has revealed his fresh anointing with the incredible prophetic gifting of hindsight.

Mr Turnbull, speaking at the National Press Club today, explained that he had could now see prophetically into the past and tell people what they should’ve or could’ve done to prevent their errors.

“The Lord has clearly blessed me with the ability to determine, as soon as something bad happens, how it could have been avoided.”

“Therefore today I am offering my services to the Prime Minister, so he can be fully aware of all the things he should’ve done differently in regard to COVID-19.”

“For example, I know that we should’ve gotten more vaccines earlier, that the hotel quarantine workers should’ve been better trained, that the Wuhan lab should’ve never let the virus escape.”

“I also know, by the Holy Spirit, that we should’ve never insulted the French in the submarine deal – in fact we should’ve never made the deal in the first place!”

Mr Turnbull has shared that although he didn’t deserve these  powers of hindsight, he was eager to be a good steward of the grace he had been given.

“I know hindsight isn’t mentioned as one of the key spiritual gifts in the Bible, but clearly God is working through me.”

“In many ways it’s not a blessing, it’s a curse, knowing everything that could’ve been done differently.”

“For example, I know that they should’ve never taken the fruit in the Garden of Eden.”

“If only I had been there with my amazing insight then so much pain could’ve been avoided.”

It is further reported that Mr. Turnbull has taken to wearing camel skin and eating locusts and honey, only to immediately realise through his prophetic gifting that this was a mistake.

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