Jackie Trad changes surname to ‘T-Rad’ to appeal to inner city Greens

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WEST END, QLD – Former Queensland Treasurer and abortion enthusiast, Mrs Jackie Trad has indicated that she has legally changed her surname to ‘T-Rad’, with many commentators speculating the move is an attempt to win over her predominantly younger, inner city voter base.

Currently embroiled in a Crime and Corruption Commission investigation, the former Mrs Trad has been pursuing a younger demographic in the inner city seat of South Brisbane, ahead of the Queensland state election in October.

Leaked audio from a recent Queensland Labor campaign meeting reveals the now Mrs T-Rad arguing the change saying, “I’m hemorrhaging votes here people, and I need to go after people who don’t understand the word ‘corruption’. The young ones still say ‘rad’, right?!”

“We all know most of the kids just walk into the booth and number the box next to the first name that jumps out at them. This could be my ticket to success.”

Consistently touted as the real powerbroker behind the Palaszczuk figurehead, Mrs T-Rad’s main focus has been legalising post-birth abortions in order to move forward a progressive Queensland.

“I don’t see any logical reason why some ‘magical birth canal’ should make any difference to the availability of terminations. If parents wish to abort a pesky toddler then the State shouldn’t interfere, unless of course they were going to grow up to be Labor voters”.

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