Hillsong now overwhelmed by creepy journalists filming kids on church camp

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HUNTER VALLEY, NSW – Hillsong church have reported to catching dozens of journalists hiding in bushes and filming their kids on church camps.

The increase in concerning photography comes on the back of Hillsong’s ‘Summercamp’ event earlier this month where COVID unsafe singing and dancing were captured on film.

It seems that now there is an epidemic of journalists from mainstream media who are eager to capture any further child breaches.

The Damascus Dropbear caught up with Channel 7 correspondent Chris Beach who was filming secretly outside the boys shower block.

“Ummm…I’m just making sure that all Hillsong is keeping up with the COVID regulations around hand washing.”

“Sure some people may frown on tresspassing on private property to film half-dressed minors, but we have to keep people safe from Hillsong.” expressed Beach.

“Now we can show the children’s parents with intimate hidden photographs how much danger their kids are in.”

Hillsong has raised concerns with the NSW Government however about ‘child safety journalists’ breaching privacy laws.

The Government were quick to dismiss the concerns however.

“At this stage in the pandemic the only laws we are concerned about are the COVID related ones,” declared NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard.

“Every other crime breach of the law can wait.”

“It is no business of ours if journalists are illegally sneaking onto Christian campsites and taking pictures of undressed minors and then selling those pictures to the highest bidder.”

It is further reported that the child safety journalists have defended their actions by claiming that they always acted professionally and sought consent from the kids inside their individual tents afterwards.

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