Construction protestors pledge to destroy the Parliament, then rebuild it again in three days

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MELBOURNE, VIC – Thousands of constructions protestors have marched on the Victorian Parliament, threatening to tear it down and then raise it again three days later if their demands are met.

The move comes after the Government imposed a snap, two-week shutdown of the construction industry overnight due to COVID concerns.

Safe to say the construction protestors were not happy.

“Oh we are gonna go full Jesus on this one – the judgment of the Almighty Carpenter is here,” shouted one worker wearing a ‘Hammertime’ hat.

“We are going to tear this Parliament apart brick by brick, and if the pollies back down, we promise to rebuild the whole thing in three days.”

The Victorian Government has however responded with laugher to the construction protestors claims, pointing out that the Victorian Parliament started being built 165 years ago and is actually still yet to be fully completed (truly!).

They also questioned by what authority the protestors were acting in.

“Oh, we are the Alpha and Omega of buildings, we create in the beginning and then demolish at the end,” responded the construction workers.

“You always take us for granite, and now its you who is gonna be ‘under construction’.”

“It’s time to give you healthcare heathens a real hammering!!”

A local pastor at the scene allegedly appealed to the protestors to stop, pointing out that when Jesus talked about rebuilding the Temple in three days he was actually talking about his body and His Resurrection.

He was unfortunately shouted at and nailed up by the protestors, quite expertly, to the nearest pin-ended rigid structural frame.

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