Christian family prepare for Halloween by decorating with disfigured martyred saints

PYMBLE, NSW – A local Christian family has come under fire for trying to share the true message of Halloween with an authentic looking yard-display of tortured Christian martyrs.

The couple, Betty and Bill Davis, said they were simply following in their religious tradition of All Saints Day, otherwise known as ‘All Hallows Days’ from which the name ‘Halloween’ was derived, which is a celebration of Christian saints from history.

“I know some people complain about how they look,” said Mrs Davis.

“However, I feel it is important to remember that being burnt, stabbed and flayed alive is all part of our rich Christian heritage.”

However, some local residents have been quick to complain to local council about the display.

“He’s bloody scaring the children” claims Mr Marcus Boyd, a neighbour to the Davis house. “That is just the opposite of what we want at Halloween.”

“Why can’t he do normal stuff to celebrate the darkness of death, like I do with my ghosts, ghouls and half-eaten bats?” he adds “which is my funny, little nod to COVID-19 and Chinese wet-markets.”

Another neighbour, Susan Lane who lives opposite, said she thought they were spoiling the whole concept of Halloween.

“I find it really weird what they are doing.”

“Don’t they understand that dressing your kids up as sexy witches and sending them into the street to knock on doors and demand free lollies is one of the values this country was built upon.”

Responding to the criticism while setting up the ‘Stone Saint Stephen’ interactive display, Bill replied:

“I find that the violence that kids are exposed to today means that they don’t even blink when they see a beheaded Justin Martyr or Saint Sebastian shot through with arrows and clubbed to death.”

“Anyway, I’m just expressing my religious freedom just like these fellas did so I don’t imagine there will be any issues.”

It was later reported that the Davis’ will be removing the display due to multiple death threats.

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