500 new sermons found of Lloyd-Jones exegeting a single word from the Bible

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MIDDLEBURG, VA – The Martyn Lloyd-Jones (MLJ) Trust has today announced a discovery of 500 new sermons from famed evangelical preacher Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones which address the highly controversial biblical text of Ephesians 1:1aa.

On tapes containing the previously unknown Ephesians series, the sermons focus only on the first word of the passage – ’Paul’.

Local pastor, Jamie Budden, has already persevered through most of the sermons and described his experience.

“It feels like listening to a sermon of Spurgeon’s if he had taken a cocktail of Steroids and Adderall, hidden in the corner of an ancient library for a year, and then vomited a rainbow of powerful theological revelation.”

“I’ve gotten through 400 already on P, A and U. I can’t wait for the L finale.”

Notes found with the tapes indicated that Lloyd-Jones had prayerfully considered moving on to the next two words, ‘an apostle’, but felt convicted by the Spirit to focus on the space between the words or, as he put it, the ‘the pause before wondrous grace‘.

The notes also mention a series Lloyd-Jones had planned to tackle the verse John 11:35 (‘Jesus wept’), but his life was tragically cut short before he could start on the first of 1000.

The MLJ trust found the tapes in disarray, without any formal collation or markings and had wanted to finish organising them before release.

“To be honest we found the tapes in 1995, its only now we’ve put them in the right order” a spokesperson said.


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