Launched in June 2020, Damascus Dropbear has already experienced significant growth across social media platforms, subscribers and web page views. We are therefore the fastest growing Christian media start-up in the country for 2020. 


Social media followers

Web page views


Web page advertising

If you have already been impressed with the quality and growth of the Damascus Dropbear, then getting in early on a cheap website advertising package may be the way to go. We can accommodate a number of high profile banners on our homepage and fake news posts which will give exposure to your company.


Article sponsoring

For a nominal fee, we can custom make a satirical news story around your product. Whether it is about the weak responses to natural disasters, the heavenly experience of a Christian camper, or the ineptitude of atheist plumbers, we can work with you to create a story that will help make people aware of your cause or business. Here is an example:


Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss an advertising package that will suit your organisation