White journalist mob lynch Israel Folau for not kneeling for racism

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PYRENEES-ORIENTALES, FRANCE – In harrowing scenes, reminiscent of the darkest days of racial segregation in America’s Deep South, a frenzied mob of white, woke journalists have attempted to lynch black Super Rugby Superstar, Israel Folau, after he refused to kneel for racism.

Super Rugby, along with other sporting codes around the world, have recently encouraged players of every nation and every language to kneel as part of a pre-game music number.

Israel Folau, a Christian Pacific Islander, was the only player who chose not to take the knee for the #BLM movement. He went on to score 17 tries.

Folau stated that he opposes racism and that black lives, like all lives, are made in the image of God. He insisted, however, that the only one he would bend the knee for was Jesus.

In a statement paraphrasing Daniel 3:17-18 he said:

“Even if my life is thrown once again into the fiery furnace for this, I know the God I serve is able to deliver me from it. But if not, know that I will still not bend the knee to worship the image you have set up.”

It was at this point that the journalistic mob erupted into a manic rage, attempting to accost Folau.

Folau, however, was easily able to break free and outrun the blundering posse.

“There simply ain’t no place for uppity Christian athletes to be standing on their own two feet at a time like this,” said sports journalist and mob leader, Peter FitzSimons.

“Sure, we don’t mind ‘em earning us the big bucks with their divine athletic ability, but they need to know their place and when we say kneel – well by Joe, they need to be a-kneeling”.

It is further reported that some other sporting stars have sustained serious back injuries due to the regular kneeling, which has required urgent spinal replacement surgery.

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