West Australian Christians disappointed after solar eclipse fails to bring about rapture

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PERTH, WA – Christians across Western Australia are expressing their disappointment after today’s solar eclipse failed to bring about the rapture, as many had predicted.

The eclipse, which occurred in the early hours of the afternoon, was hailed by some as a sign of the end times, and an opportunity for the violent wonder of God’s final judgement.

“Well…I’ll be damned. I was really counting on this eclipse to be the one,” said local pastor and end times enthusiast, Harold Jenkins.

“I mean, the signs were all there: the moon turning to blood, the anti-Christ as Premier, rumours of wars with China and NSW.”

“It really seemed like the perfect set up for the Last Days.”

Jenkins is not alone in his disappointment. Many Christians had been eagerly anticipating the eclipse as a possible fulfilment of biblical prophecy.

“I sold all my possessions, quit my job, and was ready to be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord,” said Janet Williams, a self-proclaimed ‘End times prepper’.

“Did the Lord miss his cue of something? Maybe I need to give him a humble reminder…”

Despite the disappointment, some believers are holding out hope for future events that may fulfil end times prophecy.

“Look, admittedly Jesus did say we don’t know when the rapture is going to happen,” said Jenkins.

“But you better believe I’ll be there in Sydney 2028 for the next opportunity.”

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