Viral Hamilton Nativity star signed in record deal by Kanye West label

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MELBOURNE, VIC – The star of the Hamilton Nativity video that went viral over Christmas, Simon Camilleri, has signed an incredible 3 album ‘biblical record deal’ with rapper Kanye West’s music label.

The hip-hop record label, GOOD Music,  has commissioned Camilleri to release a complete Hamilton parody biblical series in 2021 covering Pentecost, Lent, Easter, Ash Wednesday and All Saints Day.

Label President, Pusha T, expressed his anticipation of the partnership:

“I’m so excited to sign Simon, and see him as a new, white Kanye that can infiltrate the lucrative conservative church market.”

“We thought that Kanye’s album, Jesus is King, would be enough, but unfortunately there was still many believers who were suspicious of its genuineness and syncopated rhythm .”

“Rap is still a scary form of music for many uptight Christian whiteys, so getting Simon to do these ‘biblical hip-hop parodies’ we hope it can ease them in gently to the genre.”

Plagiarism concerns have been raised however from the Hamilton Musical company, who claim that Camilleri may be in breach of copyright. However, Hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Miranda welcomed the concept.

“For too long the musical theatre  industry has sold pieces of its soul to the devil,” Miranda claimed.

“If my music can help explore the important questions of God, the Bible, life and truth in a ridiculous way I’m all for it!”

It is further reported that Camilleri has insisted that as part of his contract he would still be allowed to wear the various home-made costumes in any upcoming music videos.

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