Unborn baby denied membership to #BLM movement

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SYDNEY, NSW – A dark-skinned unborn child has had his application to join the protest movement ‘Black Lives Matter’ denied due to his place of residence.

Wade Roe, a 30-week fetus, today informed the media that he was shocked and disappointed that there seemed to be no place for people like him in the global movement.

“I don’t quite understand the logic. For such a progressive movement to discriminate against me just because of my size, lack of physical ability and unusual geographic location seems somewhat odd.”

Mr Roe fears that his exclusion is also due to his calls for justice for those like him who face death at the hands of authorities.

“I’m one of the lucky ones, but every day in there are hundreds of babies just like me who are burned, crushed, poisoned, suffocated, dismembered and thrown away with the trash.”

“This is not done by abusive police in the middle of the street, but in sterile bright rooms by trusted individuals in white coats. Unfortunately there are no phone cameras in those rooms to capture the State-sanctioned crime.”

Despite his limited mobility, Mr Roe is reported to have been eager to join in the riotous activities by attempting to loot and then set fire to his mother’s placenta.

When the child’s parents, Angela and Archie Roe, were asked if they supported their son’s radical political position, they simply replied that it was ‘his body, his choice’.

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