TV news presenter attempts to ‘diversify’ to meet quota

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SYDNEY, NSW – Leading TV personality, Karl Stefanovic, has caused significant controversy after appearing in ‘blackface’ in order to demonstrate diversity on his television network.

The move comes after a report from Media Diversity Australia found that 75 per cent of on-air talent on news and current affairs programs in Australia are from Anglo-Celtic backgrounds. The report also found Channel Nine, one of the largest television networks, had the least amount of diversity in its news offerings, with just 2.9% of on-air talent from non-European backgrounds.

Mr Stefanovic had originally challenged the report, indicating that his Slavic name, and the fact he was called a wog at school, already represented diversity. However, after significant backlash, Mr Stefanovic agreed to do what is necessary to improve racial representation.

“To demonstrate that the Today Show is absolutely committed to media racial diversity, from now on I am identifying as a ‘Person of Colour’. As a transracial, any criticism of my decision will itself be viewed as racialphobia. Checkmate!”

This is not the first time a community leader has identified as a member of another race without ancestry, with former president of the Washington NAACP, Rachel Dolezal, also making the transition.

Critics of the move have accused the TV star of engaging in a stunt to boost flagging TV ratings. Mr Stefanovic denies the claim, saying he always felt black and was just born in the wrong body.

Supporters however have lauded the move, applauding Karl’s bravery in ‘coming out’ and making such a couragous public transition.

It is further reported that public broadcaster, SBS, achieved the best racial diversity score with 76.6% coming from non-European backgrounds. However, alternative ‘Good Sauce’ surveys indicate that SBS scored the lowest on the ‘viewpoint diversity’ scale with 97% of the presenters identifying as hard left-wing, atheist, political science graduates living in inner-city Melbourne, who all barrack for the Essendon football team.

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