Tour de France podium to incorporate 72 genders

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PARIS, FRANCE – Tour de France Director, Christian Prudhomme, has today announced further modifications to podium presentations, ensuring the widest possible representation of all gender groups.

The move comes after Mr Prudhomme had last week announced that the ‘podium girls’ would be dropped, to be replaced by only one male host and one female hostess presenting awards following each stage.

The change however was ridiculed by LGBTIQ+ diversity groups as ‘sexist and old fashioned with exclusive and narrow-minded concepts of gender’.

The Tour Director was therefore quick to announce further changes to the podium protocols to allow additional hosts on stage to award stage participants:

“We are eager to demonstrate that the French people are at the forefront of open-mindedness and inclusivity in everything that we do.”

“What better way to show this to the world than to open our podium presentations to not just male and female hosts, but to have representation from all gender expressions including pangender, neutrois and androgyne.”

Mr Prudhomme also announced that larger stage designs would be required, with extended podium presentation times to incorporate each presenter blowing kisses to the awarded riders.

“It is critical that each host, regardless of how they identify, have an equal opportunity to appreciate and praise the sweaty lycra clad men (or custom gender) that we so dearly cherish as part of our great sport.”

Ayse Altinok (preferred pronouns xe/xem/xyr), Director of French LGBTIQ+ rights organisation SOS Homophobie, was quick to praise the move by Prudhomme. Xe was however disappointed that further measures had not been put in place to promote a Mardi Gras parade prior to each Tour stage:

“Given how much spandex is already in use as part of the Tour, we feel that it is a real missed opportunity. Why be just ‘Le Tour de France’, when it could be ‘Le Tour de Fabuleuse!‘”

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