The Voice announce launch of new worship competition where contestants are judged on ‘holiness’

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FOX STUDIOS, SYDNEY – Popular Australian singing competition television series, The Voice, has announced that their eleventh season will focus on the new genre of ‘church worship’.

The Voice informed Damascus Dropbear that they have been in ongoing conversations with various megachurches, and were excited to bring their unique style of music to the nation.

“Well, we saw how successful this season was with former worship leader Guy Sebastian, and Hillsong winner Bella Taylor Smith, and this seemed like the natural next step,” gushed Voice producer John de Mol.

“Therefore the next Voice competition will involve all contestants having to select worship songs to perform in front of an audience.”

“The judging panel will assess contestants on the quality and genuineness of their worship, as well as their general angelic appearance and holiness.”

“In all honesty, I think its going to be a real Voice revelation.”

De Mol indicated that due to the unique nature of the genre, a number of new factors were going to be considered.

“After consulting with various megachurch worship bands we realised that the assessment is a little different to our usual competition.”

“When worship songs are being performed the artists need to have mastered a range of physical movements and abilities.”

“The raised hands while still using a mic, the hypnotic sway, the rapid jump climax – all with eyes closed – is really difficult.”

“The judges will also be considering the length and rhythm of improv prayers delivered in the middle of songs, the tightness of their pants, and how much Holy Spirit is apparent in their expressions.”

It is further reported that the winner of the worship competition will receive no money (because that is not what worship is for), but all proceeds will go to the starving and unappreciated back-up singers in megachurches across the country.

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