Teachers overwhelmed after being unable to find ‘mute button’ as school classes return

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TOONGABBIE, NSW – There are widespread reports of teacher meltdowns across NSW after school classes returned to campus on Monday.

Witnesses indicate that the issues were largely caused by confusion over the heavily relied upon ‘mute button’ used previously as part of online zoom classes.

Damascus Dropbear was able to interview one of the overwhelmed teachers.

“Well, I first noticed the problem during our morning welcome where my mouse didn’t seem to be working in lowering the volume,” shared Ms. Thompson, a teacher of a Year 2 class.

“As the students all spoke over me and each other I started hitting my desk over and over trying to find where the school had hidden the mute button.”

“After that failed, I just went around to individual students and poked their faces repeatedly.”

“It seemed to work for a few, but for others it malfunctioned and they just got louder and louder!”

One school Principal, Hoffy Erikson from Damascus Christian School, did indicated that they were addressing the problem.

“I am pleased to announce that we are now installing an advanced muting system in all the classrooms.”

“It is a complex process however, involving an elaborate system of wireless networking, electric collars, and backup duct tape.”

“Unfortunately, now COVID has shown our teachers the great power of technology in education, there is simply no going back.” 

It is further reported that some students are also struggling with returning to normal school life, having forgotten how to physically raise their hand.

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