Tasmanian couple divorce after discovering they are brother and sister in Christ

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HOBART, TAS – A Christian Tasmanian couple has filed for divorce after discovering several Bible verses that they say revealed contradictions for their marriage under God’s Law. 

The couple, Evelyn and Adam Gardner, have been married for five years and were shocked to discover that their recent conversion to Christianity meant that they were now considered brother and sister in Christ (Matt 12:50), and that the Bible also outlawed incest (Deut 27:22). 

“We were both stuck inside during the recent COVID-19 isolation, and so we decided to read the Bible together as good married couples do,” Evelyn said.

“It was the first opportunity we really had time to think deeply about passages such as Matthew 22:30, where Jesus indicated that his resurrected people won’t be married nor given in marriage.”

“We realised that if we wanted to live as genuine Christians, being like angels, then we had to do the right thing and divorce. It’s one thing to be equally yoked, but it’s a whole different story when you’re spiritually related.”

Human Services Minister, Roger Jaensch MP, indicated that he was confused by the couple’s reasoning.

“I mean, we get issues around married siblings all the time in Tasmania, but never quite like this one”.

There have however been some concerns raised over the couple’s declaration by local Catholic priest.

“This is what happens when fellowship is disrupted. People get isolated and they start interpreting the Bible for themselves,” proclaimed Father Brett Wilson.

“I’m trying to correct them but it’s hard. Divorce is not okay, they don’t need to kiss everyone they meet, and they are still allowed to call me Father.”

Despite the pushback, Adam and Everlyn appear courageously resolute in their decision, and are now focused on being fruitful and multiplying platonically as neighbours.

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