Sunday school teacher fired after truthful critique of kid’s artwork

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GOLD COAST, QLD – A Sunday school teacher has accused a local church of unfair dismissal after being removed for alleged ‘harmful comments’ made to a child participant.

The Sunday school teacher, Ms Isabel Martin, claims that the incident arose during an art project at Easter.

“We were encouraging the children to paint a picture of Jesus’ empty tomb, and one of the kids asked me what I thought of their work,” Ms Martin explained.

“We always encourage honesty in our church, and so I told him that actually the artwork was pretty rubbish.”

“I mean, I know he’s a kid, but even compared to the other younger kids it was clear that he had zero artistic ability.”

“I therefore reckon it’s kinda unjust that my church are dismissing me for simply speaking God’s truth? Hypocrisy or what?!”

The Pastor of the church, Rev Michael McDonnall, denied that there had been any illegitimate action taken and responded to Ms. Martin’s objections.

“Of course we encourage truth, or at least as much truth as possible without causing serious psychological damage,” Reverend McDonnall said.

“At least Jesus spent a lot of time building trusted relationships with his disciples before speaking brutal honesty into their lives.”

“There is plenty I could say about grace and truth, gentle correction, and that justice is really about relationship first and foremost,” 

“But the cold fact is, you shouldn’t work with kids if you are going to be a jerk!”

It is further reported that the church has offered Ms. Martin a generous volunteer remuneration package, which includes a number of old gospel tracts, a couple of library books that haven’t been borrowed in years, and a 25% off coupon to the local lighting store next door.

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