Starlord saves galaxy from evil alien twitter trolls

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THE MILANO, OUTER SPACE – Famed Avenger and Guardian of the Galaxy, Starlord, has successfully destroyed the evil alien twitter trolls of the Andromeda galaxy.

The victory comes after the alien trolls had sent out a fleet tweet attack against Starlord, targeting his Christian faith, church, and absence from a fundraiser for the earth presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

During the attack, the alien trolls were heard screaming a number of largely unintelligible accusations while smashing themselves headfirst against his ship:

“Silence is violence! The Starlord must infuse himself with the Biden overlord or die.”

“He not praise green skin, alien gender transformation or utilise virtue space signal – so we cancel his cosmos!”

Starlord appeared untroubled by the attacks, simply turning on his windscreen wipers so the alien vomit did not stain his new paint job on The Milano.

“Hey, if those troll-bugs want to spread their foulness my way – I say bring it on.”

“Their weird alien goo ain’t got nothing on the grace-filled blood that I got running in me. Pew Pew Pew.”

It is further reported that several other Avengers called out words of encouragement from a few galaxies away to help with the battle.

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