Shock as Rainbow flag investigation uncovers white supremacist links

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ADELAIDE, SA – A team of Social Physicists at the University of Adelaide have discovered disturbing links between the popular ‘Rainbow flag’ and the White Supremacy movement.

The rainbow flag is used globally as a symbol of LGBTI+ movements, but research has now shown disturbing historical and scientific connections that it was initially designed as a way to spread race propaganda.

Professor Georgina Catavaras explained the findings.

“Our research shows that the rainbow flag symbol was actually initially put in place as a vehicle for a hidden white supremacy ideology.” 

“Looking at the correspondence between the originators, the plan was to initially dominate the world with rainbow virtue signals under the guide of a ‘human rights’ movement.”

“Once this ‘rainbow supremacy’ was established, and all who challenge it contained, then the next stage of transitioning to a ‘superior white supremacy’ would begin.”

“We are still researching the details of how the transition would occur, but we do have reliable information that it would involve some kind of technologically advanced global triangular prism.” 

Patrisse Cullors, founder of the #BLM movement, has condemned the rainbow flag and called for all symbols of it be banned from all spheres of public life.

“Similar to the Nazi symbol, the rainbow should now be considered illegal and recognised as an oppressive instrument against all black people.”

“I am shocked that our universities, schools, culture, sports, art, public service, police, military, libraries, politicians and judges have all been duped into incorporated this ‘refracted white superiority’ into their institutions.”

“As a response, we will be launching a ‘black light matters‘ movement to expose all hidden agendas behind this unprecedented rainbow deception.”

It is further reported that white sports stars who wear the rainbow armband, but also kneel for the #BLM movement, have become deeply confused as to what to do next.

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