Senator proposes Parliament prayer finish with ‘Ah-lgbti+’ instead of ‘Amen’

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ADELAIDE, SA – The Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Penny Wong, has proposed a change to the opening prayer of Federal Parliament which would replace the traditional ‘Amen’ after the Lord’s prayer with ‘Ah-lgbti+‘.

The proposal comes after US Democrat representative, Emanuel Cleaver, opened the 117th Congress with a prayer which finished with the words “amen and awoman” to express greater gender neutrality.

Senator Wong, however, indicated that she believes the ‘inclusiveness of prayer’ could be pushed much further.

“The prayer that opens Parliament should be diverse enough to include not just males, but all sexual orientations and gender identities.”

“Perhaps we should not stop there either, but seek to de-gender all associated sexist language.”

“For example, I would like to see more references to the New Testalgbti+t, the environlgbti+t, and even Representative Governlgbti+t.” 

Biblical scholars however have questioned the proposal, indicating that the word ‘Amen’ was never associated with gender.

“The word ‘amen’ actually means ‘truly’ or ‘so be it’, so I think perhaps the meaning has become slightly confused,” explained Dr Bird Michaels, Academic Dean at Rodley College.

“On the other hand, the word originally was based in the Hebrew, then adapted to Aramaic, then Greek, then Latin, then English.”

“If politicians want to now evolve it into the new enlightened language of the Woke tribe then I guess that is up to them.”

It is further reported that it is doubtful that the changes will pass through Parliament before the end of the COVID pandemic, largely due to the new expression sounding too much like a sneeze.

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