Schrodinger’s Zebra creates paradox by being both racist and non-racist

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA- Zebra’s have caused a space-time tear in the #BlackLivesMatter movement over the weekend due to the apparent paradox created by being both white (and therefore racist) and black (therefore non-racist) at exactly the same moment in time.

The issue came to light after resident Austrian physicist, Professor Erwin Schrödinger, decided to take his pet Zebra to a protest in the middle of COVID19.He realised that the Zebra would be both responsible for and oppressed due to racism as soon as he was observed at the rally.

The paradox was confirmed this week when school diversity tests revealed that only white people can be racist.

A group calling themselves the ‘Black Panthers’ have expressed opposition to the Zebra, recognising the power of the paradox to spontaneously combust the #BLM movement in a puff of logic. They have committed themselves to liberating then hunting down all Zebras across Africa and Asia to destroy and uphold racism.

Professor Schrödinger expressed concern as to the mental well-being of his Zebra, indicating that he seems increasingly disorientated.

“Eet das not seem to make a difference vether he sees himself as black with vhite guilt or vhite with black victimhood – people just vant to volk all over him every time he crosses ze street!”

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