Schools push ‘vaccination rings’ in COVID safe sex classes

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BRISBANE, QLD – Schools are encouraging students to wear ‘vaccination rings‘ as a part of their new COVID safe sex classes.

Responding to the ongoing pandemic, high schools have adapted their health and sexual education curriculum to include a range of new COVID-friendly measures.

Sexual Health teacher, Charlotte Matthews, spoke to Damascus Dropbear about the new lessons.

“What we are doing is helping the children to be aware and practice COVID safe sex which include masks, gloves and appropriate social distancing.”

“One of the exciting campaigns we have launched is the ‘vaccination ring’ which encourages students to remain abstinent until full vaccination.”

“We tell them that if someone really loves them, they will respect their decision to use vaccine protection against sexually transmitted coronaviruses.”

One of the girls who had decided to wear the vaccination ring, Bridgette Cooper, shared why she had taken up the COVID virgin challenge.

“Well, I really want to honor the scientific medical advisors with my body, so that’s why I’ve made the decision to save sex for my vaccine day.”

“I just think its important to remain pure – true health and safety waits.”

“Of course, after I’m vaccinated you can bet I’ll be sleeping with every other vaccinated person possible.”

It is further reported that some anti-vaxxers have criticised the move, claiming that Science doesn’t really exist and that any attempt to save oneself for vaccination is oppressive and will likely lead to an increase in unsafe sexual activity anyway.

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