Rugby to introduce ‘female equality quotas’

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SYDNEY, NSW — Following resumption of the National Rugby League (NRL) season, the league administration have surprised punters and clubs alike by announcing a new proposal to include ‘female equality quotas’ into all teams.

The change will start next season, with the objective being to ensure discrimination against females is eradicated throughout the competition.

Interim NRL CEO, Andrew Ando, said the change was designed to re-frame NRL as a ‘progressive and inclusive’ sport.

“The only way to make sure we show respect for women is by allowing females full participation in the game,” Mr Ando said.

“Similar to the English football clubs ‘home-grown’ rule, as of 2021 each squad must contain a minimum of eight female players with at least three on the pitch at all times.” 

“Too long the NRL has been a patriarchal, sexist and male-dominated organisation, but now we can demonstrate our commitment to diversity, equality and tolerance.”

When asked if this was an attempt to divert attention away from the NRL’s problems with domestic violence among its players, Mr Ando responded:

“Last November we joined in theStep out, Speak Out annual walk which raises awareness for domestic violence. As part of this, we asked the boys to stand up and say no to violence against women.”

“This policy now takes the movement to the next level by encouraging women to step out once again, but this time onto the field for some full contact footy with the fellas.”

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