Revival breaks out at Baptist church with non-stop baking for 156 hours straight

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SYDNEY, NSW – A local Baptist church is experiencing revival after a Ladies baking group has baked non-stop for almost seven days straight.

The unusual event comes in the midst of the ongoing ‘Asbury revival‘ in Kentucky, USA, where worship has been continuing since February 8th and now spreading to other church communities.

Baptist Pastor, Megan Dowell, told Damascus Dropbear more about what congregants are calling ‘The Abakening’.

“The group normally just prepares morning tea after church for the families, but this time they just kept on baking.”

“They went all though the night the first day, and then the second, just rolling and mixing for the Lord.”

“We’re talking everything from communion cookies and christening cakes to devotion doughnuts and mass muffins – our pews are overflowing.”

“It really is history in the baking.”

Questions have been asked as to how the Baptist bakers have continued to have enough ingredients.

However, Pastor Dowell pointed out that there is biblical precedence.

“In 1 Kings there is the story of Elijah and the Widow where a miracle of unlimited oil and flour occurred.”

“We appear to have experienced the same wonder, with the bags of flour and oil tins the ladies are using all seemingly endless.”

“And throughout it all the Lord’s presence is rising, supplying his strength to the yeast of us.”

“His love is all you knead.”

It is further reported that people are now coming from all over the country to partake in the bread of life, though some Christians are still grumbling about the presence of gluten.

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