Retired Christian couple feel called to long-term mission in tropical Queensland

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PALM COVE, QLD – An elderly Christian couple have informed their local church that they feel a strong calling to do mission work in the Queensland tropical paradise of Palm Cove.

The couple, Bob and Verity Capital have said that since retirement they have been seeking direction as to where to best serve and preach the gospel, and have already sacrificed a large quantity of superannuation on a downpayment for a ‘coastal hospitality ministry residence‘ with a beach-front and 4 bathrooms. 

‘We were praying about it one night, asking God to give us a sign as to what He wanted us to do with our investment money and time.”

“When we opened our eyes, we both saw an advertisement on TV for a holiday package in Palm Cove with footage of beautiful sunny beaches and lots of smiling people and we just knew it was where the Lord wanted us.”

“I’ve never heard God speak so clearly in my life,’ an emotional Bob Capital said. 

Debbie Capital explained that she had always had a heart for the disadvantaged at beach, spa and golf clubs, and was eager to start developing redemptive relationships through high teas and garden parties.

“Although we know it will be a sacrifice moving our tithe and service away from our local community, I am truly overwhelmed by a sense of peace.”

“Who are we to question God’s clear plan? All we can do is follow the words of the prophet Isaiah and say: ‘Here we are, Lord. Send us.‘”

“So we booked our flights the next day, making sure we had seats that could explain our mission and evangelise to First Class passengers.”

The mission company helping to settle the couple and facilitate the ministry opportunities is called Prosperity Missions.

On their website they indicate they also have mission bases in Hawaii, Bali and the Maldives, and was founded by American mega-pastor, Joel Osteen.

Bob and Verity have also setup a GoFundMe campaign for their mission journey to support their living expenses and boat repayments, and have set up a Facebook page for photos to keep supporters updated with the good gospel work being done.

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