Damascus Dropbear Resources

Our mission is to help people laugh and think about theology, culture, church and politics from a biblical worldview. This includes facilitating deeper engagement with the Bible, providing exploratory questions around religion, and encouraging Christian principles and ethics in our society.

For those looking for deeper perspectives and analysis, we can recommend a few sites to check out:


The Gospel Coalition – A collection of articles that are trusted and timely, winsome and wise, and centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Eternity News – An Australian Christian newspaper designed for seriously good news. You can read an article from our director analysing the role of satire in gospel advancement in Eternity here.

Australian Christian Lobby – A political lobby group who seeks to bring a Christian influence to politics.

Lachlan Macquarie Institute – Courses for preparing Christian men and women for political and cultural leadership.

How to read fake news – An analysis of different ways to engage with the Damascus Dropbear articles

Centre for Public Christianity – A Christian perspective on contemporary life through print, video, and audio material


We also wish to acknowledge and support some of our sister organisations who are administering the noble ministry of fake news in other countries:


The Salty Cee (UK) – Where even the worst news satire floats

The Babylon Bee (US) – Your trusted source for Christian news

Lutheran Satire (US) – Teaching the Lutheran faith through comedic videos, music, writings and industrial welding supplies.

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