QLD players reveal secret mullet vow that helped them win Origin

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SYDNEY, NSW – A number of QLD State of Origin players have revealed a secret religious vow to not cut their hair in order to gain victory over NSW in the first State of Origin match.

QLD won 16-10 in the opener, but spectators across the country noted the excessive number of mullet haircuts being sported by the QLD players.

Josh Papalii, one of the man of the match contenders, talked to the Damascus Dropbear about the significance of their mullets and the role they played in the win.

“Well, we were beaten so badly last Origin that we knew we needed a real miracle to turn it around,” the big Prop explained.

“One of the Bible reading lads then told us about this guy Samson who gained supernatural strength by taking something called a ‘Nazarite vow‘ which involved not cutting your hair for a period.”

“So we all decided to give it a go, all growing epic mullets up until the big game.”

“As for the holy strength received? I think the result speaks for itself!”

Close replays do appear to show a number of plays involving superhuman strength.

These include when Josh Papalii slayed the NSW mascot (Bruce the Blue Heeler) with his bare hands, and also when five-eighth Cameron Munster destroyed the entire NSW team using only the jawbone of a donkey.

The NSW coach, Brad (the Philistine) Fittler, has expressed deep concerned about having to face the Mulleted Maroons in game 2 is allegedly lodging a formal complaint against QLD for the use of divine intervention.

He has also reportedly sent in his public relations officer, Delilah, to try and negotiate a fair resolution with the QLD players.

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