QLD Education Minister shocked as Christian college discovered to believe Christian teaching

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BRISBANE, NSW – The Queensland Education Minister, Grace Grace, has declared her ‘shock and horror’ after discovering a Christian college actually believed Christian teaching.

The school, Citepoint Christian College, received condemnation from media and the Minister after they had the gall to transparently circulate their basic Christian doctrines on their website.

“We really didn’t believe it ourselves at first,” said the clearly shaken QLD Education Minister.

“The fact that the teachings of Jesus on marriage, gender and sexuality was being stated right under my nose was really a shock.”

“How dare they expect that students and staff at a Christian school would have to hear Christian teachings and practice Christian beliefs .”

“I really need to sit down, that’s how incredibly appalling, disgraceful and horrifying this is.”

A number of clearly traumatised celebrities were also outraged by the finding, indicating that this was why an ‘Anti-Religious Discrimination Bill‘ was required.

“I just cannot believe that in the 21st century we have Christian schools that actually practice what they preach!” said attempted comedian Christian Hull.

“Help, I think I am hyperventilating over the injustice of it all.”

“I think I’m going to have to sue the College for the post-traumatic stress I am facing even hearing about this case.”

It is further reported that the QLD Human Rights Discrimination have made clear to the school that they risk losing their registration, as religious freedom only applies for female Muslim AFL players (in very specific circumstances).

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