Public service restricted to ‘minimalist nativity sets’ to avoid offence

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CANBERRA, ACT – The Australian Public Service (APS) has released a sector wide memorandum restricting office Christmas displays to ‘minimalist nativity sets‘ to ensure that people of other beliefs do not feel discriminated against.

The memorandum was sent out yesterday by APS Commissioner, Mr Peter Woolcott AO, who explained the decision.

“It is important that at this time of year we pause and remember our most sacred value of ensuring that the anything to do with Jesus be completely excluded from public life.”

“Full Christmas nativity sets may seem innocent, but every part of them in them actually embeds a message of hate, inequality and racism.”

“Mary and Joseph represent unhelpful heteronormativity, the three kings exude class disparity, and even the shepherd’s animals raise issues of climate change through unnecessary methane production.”

“Additionally, if there is a greater symbol of white privilege than the angels then I am yet to see it!”

The APS has however demonstrated some grace and respect for religious freedom in the festive season, by allowing a ‘minimal version’ of the nativity as long as they can be easily mistaken for random junk or messed up children’s toys.

“Blocks, balls, rocks, glass is all fine, as long as they look nothing like a nativity and have no words that indicate they are so,” Mr Woolcott continued.

“Also, and this should go without saying, that public servants must be careful to avoid mentioning anything to do with the miraculous incarnation of the Messiah who came to reconcile us to God and each other through the forgiveness of sins by his death on the cross. That should be obvious.”

It is further reported that the APS will announce a ‘Rainbow flag celebration’ year for 2021 where all staff must sign a binding contract to do a public pledge of allegiance to the Rainbow flag and values every morning.

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