Pro-life conservatives arrested after dancing on the grave of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – A young pro-life conservative couple have been arrested after being caught dancing on the grave of recently deceased Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The death Justice Ginsburg, known as a progressive judge and advocate of abortion rights, has rocked the US presidential race due to disagreement about the nomination process regarding her replacement on the Supreme Court Bench.

The couple, Edward and Melissa Reagan, had reportedly set up a sound system playing Latin music next to the grave site and were doing what appeared to be some form of Macabre Salsa on the plot before the officers arrived.

The Reagan’s spoke to the press after being released on bail to explain the shocking move:

“In our mind Ginsburg weren’t no feminist icon, quite the opposite. Her judgments helped destroy 500,000 little women every year.”

“We get that she did some big stuff, but as Christians and pro-life Trump supporters we couldn’t be more delighted to have finally disposed of this sweet little old lady.”

“So we figured; what better way to show love for Jesus and life than by dancing for death?”

Police officers were initially uncertain what to change the couple with, but eventually went with ‘Disturbing the Resting in Peace‘.

There are further reports of 24-hour security now being stationed at the gravesite after additional desecrations were attempted by Democrat activists. They were allegedly intending to dig up and ‘reanimate’ the corpse of Ginsburg using magical liberal tears and solar-powered jumper cables.

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