Prime Minister Morrison unveils true identity as QAnon High Priest

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CANBERRA, ACT – Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has finally unveiled his true identity as the secret High Priest of the QAnon movement.

The confession comes after an incredible ABC 4Corners report to discover indisputable evidence that Morrison was in fact the head of the extremists political movement.

The QAnon movement first began in October 2017 with posts appearing on the anonymous imageboard website 4Chan  from ‘a high-level government official’ around a ‘global ring child abusing elites‘.

The popularity and growth of the movement coincided with Morrison’s rise to executive power in August 2018, with the ABC claiming that his followers rigged the cabinet vote and Federal election.

Morrison appeared before reports in sacred QAnon robes, indicating that he could no longer hide his position after such damning evidence.

“The time has come for me to reveal my ultimate secret as the grand dragon leader of the QAnon movement.”

“Yes, I am ‘Q’, and have made it my primary mission while Prime Minister to secretly fight an elite group of child sex traffickers that include prominent politicians and Hollywood elites.”

Morrison also announced that as of today, he has also registered QAnon with the High Court as the National religion, revealing his plan to setup new state-sponsored QAnon places of worship all over the country.

“My intention now as both your secular and spiritual leader is to now combine both the QAnon church and the Australian Nation State.”

“Through this, and by the grace of Trump, I will lead us into a glorious and prosperous future to make Australia great again, and child sex trafficking free.”

“I confess I was at first angry that the ABC uncovered my secret, but now I want to commend the incredible journalistic work that led us to this non-conspiratorial truth.”

It is further reported that former Prime Ministers, Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd, were the first to be arrested as part of Morrison’s global elite sex trafficking sting.

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