Priest successfully hacks Facebook after Christian advertisement ban

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HOUSTON, TX – Catholic Priest and former high-profile hacker, Father Mike Schmitz, has succeeded in infiltrating the secure Facebook advertising algorithm and inserting ‘gospel adverts’ in their place.

The move comes after Facebook had repeatedly rejected advertising requests from Father Schmitz on the grounds that ‘religious beliefs in advertising were legally and culturally sensitive, potentially causing offence and discrimination, and are therefore prohibited’.

However, using the skills from his previous profession, Father Schmitz was able to access Facebook administrative servers and insert his own advertisements involving bible verses and calls to repentance over the existing ones for Lottery tickets and PornHub.

Father Schmitz indicated that Christians had always faced these kinds of challenges in sharing the good news, and he had no qualms about his controversial actions.

“The Apostle Paul was constantly banned from preaching under the excuse of ‘legal and cultural sensitivities’, but that didn’t stop him.”

“My view is that sometimes you have to get creative with the gospel when facing the fortress of Facebook.”

“The way I see it, an unjust community standards policy is no community standards policy at all.”

It is alleged that the content that reached half of the Facebook user databases, or around 1.3 billion news feeds, before being taken down. There was strong opposition however, with the Federal Communications Minister, Paul Fletcher, tweeting his opposition to the move.

“You’d think with the proven ability of social media platforms to deal with Israel Folau and to censor hate speech during the U.S. election, they could have easily prevented this calamity.”

“People go on Facebook for the shallow joy of watch prank videos, purchasing kitchen junk, stalking ex-lovers and posting cat pictures.”

“They shouldn’t have their news feeds polluted in such a way that confronts them with deep and meaningful questions about God, truth, faith and life’s eternal and transcendent purposes.”

When questioned on the incident, a Facebook representative has reported that the algorithm was now ‘modified’ and that Father Schmitz has been cast out of all social media platforms owned by the corporation.

They have also released information about the Priest’s home address, and offered a $1 million dollar reward for any fatal accident that may befall him.

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