Presbyterian minister criticises Tszyu for not turning the other cheek

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SYDNEY, NSW – A Presbyterian Minister has come out swinging against boxing champion Tim Tszyu, claiming he should be ‘turning the other cheek’

The criticism comes in the wake of Tszyu’s defeat of American champion, Tony Harrison, in the 9th round – making Tszyu the interim world champion.

Reverend Campbell David, of St Albert Presbyterian, unleashed a flurry on Tszyu after the match.

“To put it bluntly, Tszyu needs to repent of these acts of violence.”

“We are called to be peacemakers, not haymakers. To follow the Book, not throw the hook.”

“Tim needs to learn to try loving his enemy – he might just be surprised at what a successful strategy that would be in boxing.”

“You knew who really how to take a punch? The high-flying, devil-defeating, rising again and again champion of the world?”

“What’s his mother-saving name Tim? I’ll tell you – it’s Jesus.”

“Why don’t you lay down your gloves, throw in the towel, and go and follow the real ringmaster.”

The Damascus Dropbear attempted to contact Tim Tszyu for comment, but unfortunately was unable to reach the punch line.

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