PornHub to offer Masterclass courses by Harvey Weinstein

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QUEBEC, MONTREAL – Global pornography giant, PornHub, has initiated a Masterclass educational initiative to increase revenue, having gained the services of recently convicted American Director, Harvey Weinstein.

The move comes at a difficult time for Pornhub as they ameliorate the fallout from the withdrawal of Visa and Mastercard over claims of rape and child abuse material on the site.

PornHub CEO gave some background to the reasoning behind the shift:

“Although some people may criticise the selection of such a controversial figure, we at PornHub do not judge and support maximum sexual expression.”

“Weinstein is an incredibly skilled man in film and seduction, and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn the craft from Masters in their field.”

The new ‘Masterclass in Sex Offences’ is said to be the first course of its kind and claims to have a number of other big names already involved such as Rolf Harris and Bill Cosby, as well as never-before-seen digitally reworked material from a range of posthumous experts including Jeffrey Epstein.

“These fine specimens will share their personal experiences, strategies, sedative of choice and the power required to avoid incrimination for each age group.”

“Pornhub is proud to be innovators and leaders in this field, and a driver of progressive sexual education for our members and their children.”

It is further reported that Victorian Minister for Education, Mr James Merlino, has welcomed the initiative and indicated that their willingness to assist with accreditation.

“The Victorian Government is happy to recognise the courses under our new microcredentials scheme in partnership with La Trobe University, and have even asked PornHub to consider helping our State Education Department develop online content for our primary and secondary students.”

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