Pornhub commits to impartial racial and sexual abuse

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QUEBEC, MONTREAL – Pornhub, the world’s largest provider of pornographic material, has committed to impartial racial and sexual abuse by ensuring that black women and minors in their material will be treated the same as any other raped, trafficked and exploited individual on their site.

The owner of PornHub, Canadian businessman Feras Antoon, made the statement on Wednesday as part of his company’s release of their ‘Social Responsibility Manifesto’:

“Pornhub stands completely in solidarity against racism and social injustice.”

“Our oppression, exploitation and abuse of women and girls will now recognise the privilege of white skin and we commit to ensuring there are more black victims involved.”

“Further to this, we will help ensure equality by donating $100,000 to pimps actively fighting to uphold no racial distinction between their sex slaves. We hope you will join us.”

Pornhub has been under scrutiny recently, with hundreds of videos of underage girls found on the site, as well as a one million strong petition calling for the executives to be held accountable for aiding human trafficking.

When Damascus Dropbear asked about the accusations, Antoon replied:

“Guilty as charged, but surely our corporate statement on racism provides enough of a distraction to ensure that there will be no ramifications.”

“If that’s not enough then our Social Manifesto also includes commitments that all our abuse of women and minors is environmentally-friendly, LGBTI+ supportive, and pro-choice.”

“We are even considering replacing our logo with a black square, which is easy because all it would take is removing Pornhub completely.”


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