Police issue warning against new ‘Hi mom’ gospel scammers

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SYDNEY, NSW – Police are warning Australians to be vigilant after hundreds of victims have become Christians under a ‘Hi mum’ text scam.

The scam involves a hacker evangelist sending a text message from an unknown mobile number claiming to be their son or daughter.

Once the victim engages in conversation, the offender will then tell them they have become a Christian and ask if they can tell them more about Jesus before attempting to lead them in a ‘digital sinner’s prayer’.

The NSW Police have provided an example of the messages, warning pagan Aussie parents to beware of this scam.

“We encourage people to look out for suspicious behaviours demonstrated by these professional religious scammers,” Detective Obstinate reported.

“If your son or daughter claims to have been converted to Christianity over text, make sure to use alternative means of communication to ensure its an authentic conversion.”

“Whatever you do, don’t get sucked into a conversation where they tug on your heart strings through powerful personal testimony – and make sure that you don’t make any soul-level transactions.”  

“Sadly, many parents are falling victim and are thereby convicted of their own sin through these anonymous and heartless scammers.”

However, many social media users were quick to respond to the warning, admitting that they had actually been taken in by the scam and it was, in fact, the best decision they ever made.

“I admit I fell for it hook, line and sinker – and I’ve never been more at peace,” one sucker wrote.

“My son is an adulterous, violent, greedy drunk and so I must confess I engaged because in my heart I really wished he had been born again,” another fool said.

“I actually knew from the start that it was a scam, partially due to the fact my kids never talk to me anymore, but it was the first time I heard the gospel and now I’m all in for Jesus,” a third cock crowed.

It is further reported that the Uniting Church is now helpfully contacting all those who have been converted through the scam and offered to recover their soul back for the devil for a small fee.

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