Petrol crisis inspires pastor to deliver modern-day miracle

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WAVERLEY, VICTORIA – A local pastor has performed a modern-day miracle by filling over 5000 tanks with petrol siphoned from a single Holden Commodore.

Pastor Glenn Mitchell of the Waverley Baptist Community Church began the miraculous multiplication after church one Sunday when a parishioner’s car ran out of fuel.

“She was in a bit of a fluster so I said I’d help and started siphoning a bit from my tank so she could get to the servo.”

“Problem is, once I had gotten it flowing, it just kept gushing out until her entire tank was full – and it just kept coming.”

“One of the worship band saw what was happening, and so brought his car up as well.”

“That’s when things really started pumping!”

Eyewitness reports confirm that the word spread, and hundreds of cars started lining up for the holy oil.

The original disciples cars that were filled even began siphoning their own tanks and handing it around to the masses.

Pastor Mitchell said it was nothing short of divine transmission.

“I mean, I knew the multitude were running on empty, but I really had no idea how bad this spiritual petrol crisis had got.”

“So as the cars parked in their thousands I just took the opportunity to stand on my roof and tell them all that they would all need to go to the servo again.”

“However, I could introduce them to the Messianic Mechanic who can give them eternal fuel for everlasting engines.

Even after the 5000 had their fill, there were still 12 jerry cans of fuel leftover.

There were further reports that some teenagers managed to nick one of the cans, but after sniffing the petrol spontaneously broke out in prophetic warnings for the Government.

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