NASA criticises popular worship song 10,000 Reasons as ‘profoundly insufficient’

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WASHINGTON, DC – The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has criticised a popular Christian worship song over what they claim are insufficient estimates.

On Monday, NASA unveiled a flurry of full-colour images from the James Webb space telescope, the largest and most powerful space-based observatory ever built.

These images brought galaxies into focus that are more than 5bn light years away, reaching back to the dawn of time.

In an unexpected move however, NASA scientist are now taking aim at worship song writers.

“With a discovery of this magnitude, we now feel it is important to correct misconceptions around God and the miracle of the Universe.” claimed NASA administrator Bill Nelson.

“Take for example Matt Redman’s song, 10,000 reasons (Bless the Lord), which has now been scientifically proven to be wholly inadequate.”

“It should really be rewritten to 1 million reasons, or perhaps even 1 billion, but even then, I don’t think it is really doing it justice.”

“Though, to be fair, Christian worship song writers probably have limited telescopic perspective, in part due to the fact they always seem to have their eyes closed.”

“Putting it in layman’s terms for them, it turns out God’s backyard is simply much bigger than we thought.”

NASA scientists, although tentative to get involved in further theological and political reflection, have admitted however that the size of the universe is still a long way behind the size of the ego of Victorian Premier Dan Andrews.

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