Mystery player, Gisreal Tolau, scores 86 points in first ever game

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IPSWICH, QLD – A previously unknown Rugby player has made waves across Queensland Rugby League after scoring a world-record 86 points for the Ipswich Jets.

There is no record that the player, a 32-year-old Tongan known as Gisrael Tolau, has ever played any football code before either in Australia or overseas.

However, that didn’t stop him demolishing the Burleigh Bears by scoring 17 tries and kicking 9 goals in a 98-10 victory.

The CEO of the Ipswich Jets, Richard Hughes, was asked how he discovered the incredible talent from nowhere.

“Well…um…how did we find him? Interesting story that one.”

“We have been struggling a bit this season and have thought we might pursue some extraordinary talent, you know, the kind of talent that no one else wants for whatever reason.”

“And then like a miracle from God, Gisrael just turned up at the club and started to play better than anyone.”

“Yep, that’s exactly what happened.”

Gisrael Tolau himself declined to talk to the media.

However, the Damascus Dropbear was able to chat to club chaplain and wellbeing officer, Joey Ross, who shared how Tolau was fitting in to the team.

“Right from the start he was loved and accepted by the team for his passion for football and genuineness.”

“There were some mutters from the Public Relations group when he refused to kneel for #Blacklivesmatter, and was sharing Bible verses of encouragement with his teammates.”

“The way I see it though is we shouldn’t let political correctness take over and punish people for their personal beliefs and opinions.”

“I’m just excited to gear him up and #LetHimPlay, so we can see all this new kid can do!”

It is further reported that the other clubs in the competition are all keen to host the Ipswich Jets and Tolau, hoping that they might at least brush against his jersey to gain some of his ability.

As of yet, however, no player has been able to touch him.

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