Mr Men publishers launch morbid new character series which represent ‘brutal truths’

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SHINAGAWA, TOKYO – In a shocking move, the publishers of the Mr Men and Little Miss series have announced an all-new cast to help educate children of the brutal facts of reality.

Sanrio, the Japanese publishers who purchased the rights in 2011, indicated that they were committed to taking the books in this new, more truthful, direction.

Tomokuni Tsuji, the President and CEO, shared with Damascus Dropbear his vision for the new series.

“We are proud to be venturing on a new era of children’s books which aren’t afraid to address evil.”

“For example, our first character is the story of Little Miss Fetus, who tragically is killed by an abortionist because she had down syndrome.”

“We do our young ones a disservice shielding them from true suffering – it is time to lift the veil.”

Author of the books, Roger Hargreaves, said he had approached the publishers with the idea and was pleased when they gave their full support.

“I guess I just got over writing kids books about basic emotions, and felt it was time to introduce them to the horrors of the world.”

“The new characters will help kids think about the real-life horrors of pain, sickness, injustice, hate, death and politicians.”

“This is the fallen world that we live in, and I just hope it will spur the toddlers to get off their tricycle and do something about it!”

Other exciting characters slated to be introduced include Mr Drunk Driver, Little Miss Human Trafficker, Mr Domestic Violence, and Little Miss Hillary Clinton.

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