Morrison to implement ‘Billy Graham rule’ for politicians

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CANBERRA, ACT – Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has indicated his intention to implement the ‘Billy Graham Rule‘ among his parliamentary colleagues, which would limit male/female interactions within the Government.

The Billy Graham Rule is actually four rules designed for prominent Christian leaders around the use of money, public criticism of others, exaggeration and sexual immorality. The ‘sexual immorality‘ rule has proved to be the most controversial, but intended to reduce temptation by avoiding situations that would have even the appearance of compromise or suspicion including travel, meeting or eating alone with a member of the opposite sex other than their husband/wife.

The move by the Prime Minister comes in response to an Four Corners report accusing Attorney-General Christian Porter of an inappropriate relationship with a young female staffer. Although Mr Porter has refuted the allegations, Morrison has indicated that he is ‘nipping the problem of perception in the posterior’.

“I will not risk the good work of our Government on the perception that we are philanderers, cuckolds and debauchers”

“From now on we will employ Government Minister chaperones to attend all male/female meetings and events to ensure honourableness and the highest standards of integrity among all politicians.”

Hillsong senior pastor and friend of the Prime Minister’s, Brian Houston, has back the PM’s call after his own Hillsong NY Pastor, Carl Lentz, was dismissed for ‘moral failure’.

“I fully support the PM’s new guidelines and am also committed to implementing it among our churches.”

“From now on pastors will be restricted to only eating alone, there will be a ban on mixed-sex worship teams, and church welcomers will only be allowed to approach people of their own gender.”

“However, the rules will obviously have to be flipped for same-sex attracted Christians. Not quite sure how to handle that one yet.”

It is further reported that the Prime Minister will be holding a special ‘repentance meeting’ to hear the full confessions of all parliamentarians, and has suspended parliament until 2022 to allow enough time as full hansard recordings will be kept.

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