Miracle on Media Watch as scales fall from Paul Barry’s eyes

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ULTIMO, NSW – Viewers of ABC Media Watch have been astonished after what appears to be two ‘scales’ fell from the host’s eyes in the middle of Monday’s show.

Veteran journalist and host, Paul Barry, was presenting an episode addressing the ABC’s close relationship with LGBTI+ lobby group, ACON, and questioning whether the ABC might have compromised editorial neutrality and integrity.

It was at this point that Barry fell off his presenter chair, stared up at the ceiling for awhile, before getting up and stumbling around the studio bumping into various pieces of equipment.

He was then led back to his chair by a present camera operator worker, who appeared to lay his hands upon Barry before he regained his composure.

Then Barry took a breath, and continued to speak.

“I have seen the light!”

“No more should the ABC worship at the alter of transgenderism.”

“We are made in the image of our living God – male and female.”

In this moment the ‘scales’ then fell from Barry’s eyes, and floated gently down to the desk.

Many Media Watch audience were amazed and asked:

“Isn’t he the man who has raised havoc in Australia among those who call on Jesus name, indicating that Christians were all bigots for traditional beliefs?”

“How is he now preaching a call for repentance for those organisations pushing gender-dysphoria on children?” 

“It’s a bloomin’ media miracle!”

Barry has since spent the last few days with Damascus Dropbear, to learn more about how to properly engage with worldly media.

It is further reported that the high priests at the ABC are planning to kill him.

Sign up to the Damascus Dropbear for more media conversions. To watch the Media Watch episode, it can be found here.

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