Minister for Science distances from Charles Darwin over racist comments

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Canberra, ACT – The Federal Minister for Science, Karen Andrews, today distanced the government from evolutionist Charles Darwin after the discovery of racist and white supremacist comments in Darwin’s writings.

Pressure mounted for the Government to review any use of Charles Darwin’s works and theories in all education curriculum, amid concerns that white students may imbue the idea that they are ‘further evolved’ than Indigenous Australians, which Darwin describes as one of the ‘savage races’.

“Anyone who describes our First Nations people as ‘savages’ is clearly unfit to be utilised by our modern enlightened society, and we will be striking his racist theories from all our public institutions!” Ms Andrews proclaimed.

In The Descent of Man, Darwin writes that the “highest races and the lowest savages” differ in “moral disposition and in intellect”, and compares the Australians to lower animals.

State ministers were also swift to act on the alarming revelations, striking any mention of Charles Darwin and his writings from school science curriculum.

It has thrown up debate however as to what theory is to replace the gap created by the omission.

Creation Ministries International have jumped at the opportunity, lobbying the Government to include creationist teaching as an alternative.

Minister Andrews rejected the suggestion outright.

“The Bible may appear to have some positive values such as all humans being made in the Image of God.”

“However, it is also unfortunately not free of racism, with the Old Testament often speaking in a derogatory way about various ethnic groups.”

“This book therefore is also unsuitable for any teaching in our modern society.”

It is further reported that departmental heads are considering alien origin stories as an alternative. They are said to be consulting closely with the Scientologists on introducing Xenu theories into schools in 2021.

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