Men’s ministry renewed with return of sport

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MELBOURNE, VICTORIA – Churches in Australia have welcomed the return of sporting events due to the significant impact its absence has had on Christian men’s abilities to connect in conversation.

The reboot of the AFL, NRL and Premier League seasons have breathed new life into men’s small groups and church ministry, after it was discovered that there were limited alternative options for small talk during COVID.

Pastor McLachlan of the God’s Team church in Melbourne explained the situation:

“It’s really tough – blokes just don’t like talking about ourselves, or others, or stuff in general all that much. But as soon as you put on a game where fellas run around with a pigskin, you can’t get us to shut up. It bonds us deep.”

The return of sport has seen an expansion of ministry at a number of local churches including events like evangelistic kick arounds, fantasy football bible studies, and Friday night half-time accountability groups.

“When the men’s group watched Liverpool win the premiership last week the joy of the Lord in the room was tangible. Three blokes were in tears and they renewed their relationship to Christ that very evening,” Pastor McLachlan recalled.

“The truth is that for men, competition and arguments about who is the better fullback is needed in order to keep church interesting. Coffee, sermons, and singing are all well and good, but if Jesus was on earth today I have no doubt he would be able to talk sport with the best of ’em.”

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